Strong vocal harmonies accompanied by atmospheric guitar. Join NEBULAH on their musical journey through time and space as their tales explore the unknown, invisible and untamable forces surrounding us. The songs will leave you floating in outer space and lure you into water. The members of this band and group of songwriters – Elisabeth Panduro Holst, Katrine Kjeldskov Kirketerp, Janne Hagen Therkildsen and Hannah Busk Larsen – met several years ago in Esbjerg, Denmark, and since the beginning of 2020 they have been working on the concept and music for their debut album.

The debut was created in close cooperation with Jacob Schjødt Worm (FinlandStudio – Aarhus, DK). NEBULAH’s compositions are combining experimental vocal arrangements with expressive guitar drawing inspiration from pop, ambient, singer/songwriter and folk music. The music and lyrics are written by all the members of the band. NEBULAH brings a distinctive atmosphere to their performances, focusing on evocative storytelling within dreamy soundscapes, merging their individual voices in a fluid and shared state of collective creativity.

NEBULAH uses improvisation as an artistic tool, and by implementing machines and guitar pedals they electronically manipulate the sound of the guitar and their voices live on stage. On the debut album you will experience NEBULAHs perception of constant fluidity between reality and illusion, delusion and pure imagination, encountering strange alluring creatures like sirens luring sailors to their death.

NEBULAH also collaborates with Jonathan Larsen on electric bass, Mads Menzer on lap steel and guitar and Mathias Fabricius on drums, and they all have contributed to the studio album and will be making appearances at our live performances. 

We hope you’ll enjoy our music, and we recommend that you check out the links and info on this home page!

Creators & composers of NEBULAH