NEBULAH leaves you floating in a stream of musical contrasts. An uncompromising, cinematic and experimental world of sound where beauty, brightness and grace meet gloominess, darkness and dissonans. The female front trio of vocals and guitar, represents the feminine and cosmic core of NEBULAH.

The genre is a hybrid between rock, singer/songwriter and worldbeat. NEBULAH is mixing musical elements from non-western music traditions with the mainstream and recognizable world of rock and singer/songwriter. Through sound-manipulation, choral harmonies and the use of electronic elements the band is presenting a new and distinctive sound.

NEBULAH released their debut album TRACE in May 2022, and the first single “Into

Water” was successfully received and put in radio rotation on P6 beat. Furthermore the

band got mentioned in GAFFA as a band to keep an eye out for in the coming year, in the ‘HOLD ØJE MED’ section. The band is currently working on their second full-length album.

NEBULAH is currently in a great momentum – with a concert at SPOT ’24 at the Roots&Hybrid Festival, the band is moving heavily towards establishment on the danish musicscene.

Storytelling is a key element in NEBULAH’s songs, which leaves the listener with an open invitation to drift away in inner pictures of ever-changing nature scenery alongside the musical landscapes.

The music takes the listener on a journey through dreams and into a state of constant fluidity between reality and fantasy where we must let go of our urge for control and instead surrender into a joined escapism. The songs are dealing with toxic relationships, generational breakdown, longing, fear and the desire for freedom – portrayed in relatable stories about the human interaction with nature and our human nature.

The band has created a distinctive sound and performance with two lead vocals exploring tension-filled choral harmonies, improvisation and their shared narratives intertwined with expressive and riff-based guitar playing. The sonic landscape is completed by heavy bass and the partially electrified drums.


Janne Hagen Therkildsen / Vocal, electronics, percussion

Hannah Busk Larsen / Vocal, electronics, percussion

Elisabeth Panduro Holst / Guitar

Mads Menzer / Guitar

Jonathan Larsen / Bass, moog

Mathias Fabricius / Drums, electronics

Creators & composers of NEBULAH